Selling Your Business?

How many times have you thought of selling your Business? One of the most important things you have built in your lifetime, or not? Thinking about retirement, change of pace or career path, relocating, or just want to move on with a life changing event. Has growth, expenses, insurance, labor, and taxes changed the dynamic of your business? What ever the reason for the sale, MaxOne Business can help you evaluate seller discretionary earnings and provide a unbiased opinion of value. Your business may be the key to retirement or re-investment into a new project.

Buying a Business?

  • Industry Experience / Financial Capitalization
  • Due Diligence is essential for a clear high altitude view of the business.
  • Books and Records analysis
  • Leasehold or Real Estate analysis
  • Risk and Industry analysis
  • Deal Structure and Lending guidance

Real Estate Component

  • Leasehold Review & Assignment
  • Options and Guarantors
  • Real Estate Acquisition opportunities
  • Relocation options
  • YSeller carry forward liabilities with Assignments
  • Inheriting any past abatements within Assignments
  • Improvements
  • Hidden Restrictions

Why Max One Business and Commercial?

MAXONE Business Brokers are affiliated with the California Association of Business Brokers.
MAXONE Business Brokers must be engaged in continual education programs
MAXONE Business Brokers are mentored at most levels to ensure compliance and accuracy
MAXONE Business Brokers are members of a strong team of specialized agents
MAXONE Business Brokers are part of RE/MAX Commercial and receive extensive training in

A) Lease holds
B) Commercial Sales and Disclosures
C) Analysis and Valuations
D) Tenant Representation
E) Site Development / Franchise opportunities
F) Commercial Relocation & 1031 Exchange
G) Affiliated with RE/MAX Nationwide